Friday, September 9, 2016

Actionable Intelligence #1

The 9614th Signal Corps outpost, Yaisdra IX.
A blanket of darkness consumed everything Captain Spears could see. The only light came from the eerie green glow of instrument panels and radar screens. The room was dark and cramped, located in the underground portion of an Imperial Bastion; the concrete did little to protect it from the heat and humidity of the Yaisdra jungle. Spears wiped the sweat from his brow, the Xenos force to the west had brought some excitement to his posting but now the distance from the front line was killing him.
Suddenly the his door burst open "Sir we have a tip T'au forces are smuggling something off of Media III in the Sculptor system!" a very excited private proclaimed as he rushed into his Captains office. "Slow down son, what is it?"

Intelligence groups working on Media III intercepted a communicae that T'au force have planned to ship components to Yaisdra IX in something called Operation Triakidae. The parts were still unknown; but Spears knew anything worth shipping light years to Yaisdra was worth intercepting.

Spears turned around in his desk, his heart now pumping to a meaningful purpose grabbed his communicator. "Patch me through to Admiral Codleen."

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