Thursday, April 13, 2017

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Praetorian Expeditionary Fleet

Brimlock Dragoon Task Force

Friday, February 3, 2017

Operation Death from the Skies

Waves of bombers and fighter planes poured over the island in support of Tau advancing forces. The the skies erupted with burst cannon, missile pod and pulse bomb attacks that fell on Tulagik Major that day. For two and a half hours, the bombs rained down on the southern end of the island from Tau coalition aircraft -- "with a brutality that had never been seen before," as the commander of one Imperial Dragoon unit said three days later. "They scorched the island and fired burst cannons at the anyone who fled in panic, resulting in numerous deaths."

Saturday, December 10, 2016

The Portum Romae Act

The HMS Intolerable Acts in low orbit over Port Romae

Captain Thomas Gage.
The Portum Romae Act is an Act of the Praetorian Imperial Navy conducted by the HMS Intolerable Acts, that was designed to secure the Imperium's jurisdictions over Yaisdra IX shipping ports.

The Act was a response to the Tau insurrection in Port Romae. It outlawed the use of the Port of Romae by setting up a barricade/blockade for "landing and discharging, loading or shipping, of goods, and wares" until such time as the Tau insurrection could be controlled. In other words, it closed Romae Port to all vessels both surface and spacecraft, no matter what business the ship had.
Praetorian Troops on patrol.

Praetorian Navy warships subsequently began patrols of Romae Harbor to enforce the act. The Praetorian Army also joined in enforcing the blockade, and Romae was filled with troops, Captain Thomas Gage, commanding led the first waves of Praetorian troops.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Kor'ui Del'tor

Years before the days of Yaisdra IX,  Kor'ui Del'tor cut his dogfighting teeth on Arkunaska in 732.M41 against the mighty Waaagh of the Green Skins...

Kor'ui Del 'Tor after his reassignment to Barracudas Interceptor squadrons.
For the third time in less then ten minutes an Ork heavy bomber filled his sights. Carefully, at little more than a few meters above the cresting waves, the young Kor' El eased his twin engine Tigershark up into position directly astern of the laboring Blasta Bomber. There was no sign of life in the rear turret. He moved in even closer, before opening fire. Flames erupted from both wings of the stricken bomber as the punctured tanks spewed fuel. With an almost imperceptible dip of its nose, the Blasta Bomber wallowed into the sea.

He circled the oil slick that marked the bomber's last resting place on the sea bed, some 25km off the coast of some Emperor-forsaken ork settlement. Arkunaska , western most of the Fridiun Islands, in a vain search for survivors. A light sea-mist was already beginning to gather as the Ochre Tigershark set course for the mainland. Within 15 minutes the heavy fighter was roaring in low over the dusky landing strip of Nan Kar'tyr airbase, it's wings rocking to indicate an unprecedented success - three Ork bombers downed in a single sortie - to the onlooking air crews below.

Kor'ui Del chases an Ork bomber out towards the coast.
Now on Yaisdra IX the priciple striking power of the T'au force were the four potent Air Cadres to be landed on Yaisdra IX. It was these forces that were to deliver the Mont'ka, "the killing blow", upon which much of the T'au tactical doctrine is based. The first and second cadres formed the principle aerial strike force and were composed of a mixture of Barracuda superiority fighters, Razorshark strike fighters, Sunshark bombers and an unusually high amount of Tigershark heavy escort fighter-bombers. The third cadre was formed around a core of five Manta super-heavy dropships carrying the hunter cadres, with an ancillary force of smaller non-combat Orca dropships that would transport munitions and supplies needed for the island hopping campaign in the Tulagik Islands. The smaller fourth cadre was designated as a special operations unit and contained two formations of the Tigershark AX-1-0 rail cannon ground attack craft as well as other specialized and expiremental aircraft, including several specialized variant aircraft including Barracuda AX-2-5.

The y'eldi ("winged") of the T'au Air caste are their greatest combat pilots, and their skills and accomplishments are the stories of legend told throughout the T'au culture. Kor'ui Del'tor now the y'eldi in charge of all 4 of the cadres operating over the Tulagik Islands and his work was now cut out for him...

Monday, October 17, 2016


The most significant employment of tank destroyer doctrines by the Brimlock Dragoons occurred on Tulagik Major, at the battle of Mortan forest, where the 823rd Dragoon Tank Destroyer Battalion was on the defensive alongside elements of Brimlock infantry. The division, which was in temporary positions and not prepared for a defensive engagement, was attacked by elements of Vior'la Armoured Interdiction forces, under heavy fog. The 823rd put up a strong defense—knocking out fourteen Hammerhead tanks—but took heavy losses, being mostly overrun and losing eleven Leman Russ. This served to reinforce misgivings about the effectiveness of the dismounted units, and a report delivered to the High Imperial Command, recommended they be phased out in favor of self-propelled guns in the form of Leman Russ or Basilisk units.

Imperial 250pts
Tau 250pts

The Attacker takes the first turn.

Attacker chooses his table edge and has a 12" deployment zone from the edge they choose. For the Defender deployment see special rules.

Special Rules:

Tank Destroyer Doctrine: The defender places 6 objective markers around the table. Once they are deployed the defender secretly marks a small piece of paper with the unit he wishes to hide at that objective. Then places the paper under the objective marker (while the attacker is facing away!) The defender then repeats this process with all his units.

Laying in Wait: The Defender does not deploy his units until they desire to move or shoot or unless the Attacker moves within 12" of enemy infantry or 18" within enemy vehicles.

Thick forests on Tulagik Major provided a challenge for advancing tank crews.

Dragoon Veterans sneak into position to spring the trap!

"Quiet, too quiet."

Seeker missile fire causes 2 penetrating hits as the Dragoon Russ mows down Pathfinders.

Tau Pathfinders round the rocky corner just to be mowed down by a hail of heavy bolter and battle cannon fire.

Sticky Bombs!!!!! (melta bombs)

Battle cannon rounds plink off the reliable Tau Hammerhead armor, but the valiant charge of veterans un a fire of Smart Missiles proves too much for the ambushed Hammerhead crew.