Painting a Vior'la Pathinder : Part 1

Here is a simple tutorial on painting Vior'la Forces in the Yasidra IX conflict. I realize not everyone has access to an airbrush, so I've made this tutorial using nothing but brush on colors and rattle cans from Games-Workshop. Usually I do 4-5 guys at a time on a single piece of cut sprue but decided that only 1 was needed to show you guys. If you have any requests or questions throw them in the comment section and I'll make sure to get them answered.

Thanks Chris

List of Colors:

GW Primer (your choice, I suggest Black or Rhinox)
GW Mephiston Red Rattle Can
GW Mephiston Red
GW Evil Sunz Scarlet 
GW Wild Rider Red
GW Tau Light Ochre
GW Ungor Flesh
GW Abbadon Black
GW Agrax Earthshade Wash
GW Dawnstone Grey
GW White Scar (optional for leadership)
GW Fenrisian Grey

Everything you need to start

Cut your model and trim with a razor, I only do chest and legs at one time, this ensures no detail is missed.

Now that the model is glued and ready I add it to a spare piece of sprue.

Gluing the model to spare sprue prevents oily fingers from paint rubbing before you get to seal the model.

Glued to the sprue also allows you to move the the model in any direction to ensure details aren't missed and paint coverage is complete.

I base in Rhinox brown, I feel its a better choice when working with reds.

This shows how glued onto extra sprue allows me to get all the angles with an easy wrist movement when spraying the model.

apply my base coat of Mephiston Red.

Then I apply a single layer of Tau Light Ochre.

Next a full wash of Agrax Earthshade.

Here the wash is done and you can see the detail.

I now use Mephiston Red to go back over and raised or flat edges of the red fatigues, make sure to leave the recesses washed.

Next I do the same process of raised and flat areas in Evil Sunz Scarlet.

Lastly for the red I apply only on the extreme edges; Wild Rider Red.
I have to apologize that in all of my rhythm while painting i forgot to take a picture of the fatigues before applying the extreme highlight of Wild Rider Red.
Now I return to Tau Light Ochre and re apply to the raised and flat areas of the armor.

After I have reapplied the Tau Light Ochre, I use Ungor Flesh to edge highlight all the tau Armor lines/edges and raised areas.

Next we return to the Tau Light Ochre to do the belt.

The belt is so small that you can skip the wash of Agrax and just go straight to an Ungor Flesh layer over the belt.

Next I apply Abbadon Black to the entire foot and boot.

Next I apply a Dawnstone drybrush to the entire leg portion we just painted black.

Once the boots have dried apply Tau Light Ochre to the disc shaped armor on the feet.

Then apply Fenrisian Grey to the exposed skin on the feet.

Make sure you get ALL of the skin on the foot, this is where being mounted to sprue makes that easy.

Next we use Agrax Earthwash and paint it over the hoof, ochre armor and the skin.

The Agrax tones it down, now re apply Tau Light Ochre onto the armor sections.

Next take the Fenrisian Grey to the skin; take care to keep it only to the raised areas of the skin and leave a very thin edge of Agrax still showing.

Lastly we use Ungor Flesh and edge ONLY HALF of the armored circles. 

Once dry your Vior'la Pathfinder body is complete.

Next we work on the arms, weapon and helmet in Part 2 
Later on I will do an actual Tau skin tutorial for the face and head. Its basically the same as the skin on the feet, however do to the focus point and that faces bring so much character to a model I do it slightly different.

To be continued...