The Heroes of Yaisdra IX

Insurrection on Yaisdra IX

Jeakim Slovaz
Jeakin Slovaz still recovering from a grenade
Slovaz was formerly an Imperial Guardsman in the 19th Brimlock Dragoons. He was listed as missing in action after the regiment was left behind in Tau space during the Damocles Gulf Crusade. The regiment surrendered after all its Commissars died in combat. Decades later, Slovaz would front a Tau propaganda campaign describing the fair and humane treatment human prisoners of war could expect to receive if they surrendered to the Tau military. He would later be branded Excommunicate Traitoris by the Imperium for heretical interaction with xenos.

The Air War over Yaisdra IX

The skies over Yaisdra IX  served as a brutal testing ground for many aircraft. Upon hopping into the cockpit, even the most skilled pilots had a life expectancy of mere weeks. Though limited by their machines, these “Knights of the Sky” went on to achieve some of the war’s most extraordinary—and often downright suicidal—feats of heroism. Get the facts on these airborne daredevils.

Kor'ui Del'tor

Kor'ui Del'tor

Kor'ui Del'tor has flown for the Vior'la Sept for so many years that he should long ago have taken his place at the map tables of high command.He has brought down scores of skilled enemy pilots over the course of his military career, and earned accolades enough for a whole squadron of Air caste warriors.

For Kor'ui Del'tor it will never be enough. Serious and stern, the Sword of the Tau'va bears the weight of the Empire's woes upon his shoulders, and believes that he can never stop fighting until all serve the Greater Good.

Wulfe rallies his men in defense of New Dascus Port

Flight Cmdr Davan Wulfe

Wulfe was a veteran pilot with the 111th wing, who had a proficient if undistinguished record up to the outbreak of the conflict on Yaisdra IX, but his hour of glory came during the Ta'u onslaught against New Dascus Port at the start of the war.

Tasked with defending the port area he successfully led a hastily assembled flight of aircraft in a close quarter action in and around the industrial port. Showing great presence of mind and clarity of vision despite the chaos and confusion caused by the Ta'u's sudden attack, he is accredited with managing to take tactical command in the skies above New Dascus Port, as well as personally claiming five confirmed kills and numerous contributing attacks during the engagment, including a Tigershark bomber.

Captain Thomas Gage

Captain Thomas Gage engaging xenos sympathizers.
In 987.M41 Captain Thomas Gage's regiment was sent to Montar VII as part of  Colonel Al' Ter-Ay expeditionary force, whose objective was the expulsion of Ork forces from the Montar system. On this expedition Gage's regiment was in the vanguard of the troops when they came upon a warband of Kult of Speed Orks who were trying to set up an ambush. This skirmish began the Battle of the Monongahela (located south of Big Toof River), in which the commander of the 44th Praetorian Guard, Colonel Sir Peter Halkett, was killed in the battle and Gage, who temporarily took command of the regiment, was slightly wounded. The regiment was decimated, and Captain Robert Orme leveled charges that poor field tactics on the part of Captain Gage had led to the defeat; as a result of his accusations Gage was denied permanent command of the 44th Praetorian Guard.

Capatin Gage was tasked by the newly formed 22th Praetorian Guard Colonel Kelly to take a company sized element to the surface of Yaisdra IX Port Romae to facilitate anti insurrection within the shipping port.