Forces on Yaisdra IX

The "Fightin' 17th" Brimlock Dragoons:

During the Damocles Crusade on the world of Sy'l'Kell, an armoured column of the Brimlock 17th Dragoons were in transit to the front lines from their landing zone when they were ambushed by Kroot. The column's forward scouts were eliminated by Kroot Carnivores before they could get a warning off to the regiment following behind. As the main body of the regiment pushed through a narrow forested defile, the Kroot fell on them. Three Kroot kindred were involved in the attack. Surprise was complete and scores were killed in the opening moments of the ambush. Colonel Konstantin Griffin and Commissar Eigerman (alt. Eurbayn) quickly recovered and held the Imperial line long enough to fight clear of the trap. From then on the column was continually harried by the Kroot, until Colonel Griffin linked up with the Space Marines of the Scythes of the Emperor. By the time the columns linked up, the regiment had lost two Scout vehicles, thirty Guardsmen and Commissar Eigerman. The Commissar was air-lifted out with severe wounds. With the two Imperial forces combined the Kroot faded away, deeming the combined strength too much for direct confrontation. With the Space Marines in hot pursuit of the forces of the first ambush, a second ambush was sprung on the column. This time the Kroot were backed up by armoured Tau vehicles. Colonel Griffin was killed and his column destroyed.


Dragoons are organized not in squadrons or troops like cavalry, but in companies similar to infantry regiments. Officers and non-commissioned officers bear infantry ranks. Dragoon is the traditional name for a soldier trained to fight on foot but who transports himself on horseback, or in the case of the Brimlock Dragoons, Chimeras. Regiments borne from Brimlock have large numbers of Armoured Fist squadrons.

The 22nd Praetorian Expeditionary Regiment:

The Praetorian Expeditionary Regiment or PER was the Praetorian Army sent to the Western Fringe during the war for Yasidra IX. Planning for a Praetorian Expeditionary Regiment began with the Haldrane reforms of the Praetorian Army carried out by the Secretary of War Haldane following the "Massacre at Big Toof River." The term "Praetorian Expeditionary Regiment" is often used to refer only to the forces present off planet of Praetoria prior to the war on Yaisdra IX. By the end of the war on Montar VII the old Regular Army of Pratorian 24th had been wiped out, although it managed to help stop the Ork advance of Ork Warlord Bullgarg by its self sacrifice.Ork Warlord Bullgarg on Montar VII, who was famously dismissive of the PER, allegedly issued an order "exterminate ... the treacherous human and walk over Colonel Al' Ter-ay's contemptible little army". Hence, in later years, the survivors of the Praetorian army dubbed themselves "The Old Contemptibles".


Under the terms of the Entente Cordiale, the Praetorian Army's role in a off planet (Praetoria) war was to embark soldiers of the Praetorian Expeditionary Regiment, which consisted of six infantry Companies and five cavalry Troops that were arranged into I Corps and II Corps. 

Vior'la Sep't Information:

Vior'la is a planet and Sept of the Tau Empire, which was first conquered by the Tau during the First Sphere Expansion. Vior'la is well known among the Tau and their allies for the Fire Warriors drawn from the members of its population's Fire Caste, because they are more aggressive than any other in the Tau military. Vior'la was also the home of O'Shovah, known to the Imperium as Commander Farsight, before he abandoned the Empire to found the Farsight Enclaves, Tau colonies that exist outside the authority of the Tau Empire and its ruling caste of Ethereals.

The sept warriors of Vior'la are usually painted with hot colours, like red and orange, and usually have many Fire Warriors and Battlesuits. Vior'la is one of the major septs and is a first phase colony. Its neighbours are Sa'cea, Arthas Moloch and Tau'n.