The Konor Expeditionary Force

The Scythes of the Emperor

The Scythes of the Emperor's history originated during the Horus Heresy, where the 199th "Aegida" company of the Ultramarines fought bravely against the Night Lords in the Battle of Sotha. Subsequently, Roboute Guilliman honoured the company with the emblem of two crossed scythes, representing their defence of the farmers of Sotha.

After the Heresy and the Second Founding, the Aegida Company was maintained as a phantom 11th Company under the command of Captain Oberdeii, in defiance of Guilliman's own Codex Astartes. When Rogal Dorn initiated the Third Founding nearly a millennium later, Oberdeii was the last surviving member of the company. Nevertheless, the Ultramarines' Chapter Master, Tigris Decon, wished to remove the evidence of Guilliman's 'heresy', sending Chaplain Segas and Brother Wenlocke to offer Oberdeii the choice of being reassigned to the 5th Company or continuing to guard the Pharos by becoming Master of a new 'Aegida Chapter'. Oberdeii reluctantly agreed to found a new Chapter, but chose to name them the Scythes of the Emperor. In addition to Chaplain Segas and Brother Wenlocke, seventy-two veterans of the Orlan Conquest were assigned to the new Chapter.

At the beginning of 999.M41 it is understood that the Scythes of the Emperor were still attempting to rebuild, and seek vengeance upon the Tyranid race. In 970999.M41 the Scythes unexpectedly re-emerged from the shadow of Hive Fleet Kraken and announced that their Chapter would be "born anew".
Later during the Indomitus Crusade the Scythes of the Emperor were formally reborn thanks to reinforcements of Primaris Space Marines from Belisarius Cawl's Ultima Founding.

1652nd Armored Regiment

Silas Ovik and his famed 1652rd Cadian Armoured Tank Regiment. Despite the relatively late founding of the Cadian 1652nd, the Steel Host is oneof the most celebrated of all Cadia’s tank regiments. The cohesion and mutualrespect that binds its squadrons together enables them to function at peak efficiency, either by supporting the 1651st’s infantry or by adding theirfirepower to the artillery barrages of the 1653rd.