Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Operation Aerial Assault

While Tulagik Minor had become a tactical disaster for the invading Vior'la forces, Tulagik Major was becoming a very different story. The Pathfinder forces on Tulgaik Minor had been tasked with harassing Imperial forces and shutting down operations on the local airbase. Imperial Dragoons had stationed some of their most veteran Dragoons at the Tulagik Airbase; which made short work of T'au pathfinders. Now with the bulk of the T'au Expeditionary Force landing on Tulagik Major the chaos of war was sweeping across the island with a fury. T'au forces swept through most of the intial Imperial defenders on the island, but now the defeated Vior'la Pathfinders left the Dragoon's air power unchecked and its only a matter of time until the Imperial cavalry arrive on Tulgik Major.

Brutal large caliber rounds tear through the once large drone squadron.

Forces clash for the first time on Tulagik Major.

The opening fire from the Hammerhead vaporizes the Imperial Chimera.

Round after round of battle cannon fire fails to knock out the Ghostkeel.

Close air support reduces the command Taurox to dust with the Swiftstrike Rail Gun.

Imperial Dragoons sound the alert to retreat.