Saturday, December 10, 2016

The Portum Romae Act

The HMS Intolerable Acts in low orbit over Port Romae

Captain Thomas Gage.
The Portum Romae Act is an Act of the Praetorian Imperial Navy conducted by the HMS Intolerable Acts, that was designed to secure the Imperium's jurisdictions over Yaisdra IX shipping ports.

The Act was a response to the Tau insurrection in Port Romae. It outlawed the use of the Port of Romae by setting up a barricade/blockade for "landing and discharging, loading or shipping, of goods, and wares" until such time as the Tau insurrection could be controlled. In other words, it closed Romae Port to all vessels both surface and spacecraft, no matter what business the ship had.
Praetorian Troops on patrol.

Praetorian Navy warships subsequently began patrols of Romae Harbor to enforce the act. The Praetorian Army also joined in enforcing the blockade, and Romae was filled with troops, Captain Thomas Gage, commanding led the first waves of Praetorian troops.