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Yaisdra IX - Profile of a Unit: Praetorian Ulster Rifles

"Little Thieves! Thieves and vagabonds, the lot of them. They’re petty-minded, larcenous little subhuman scum to the last. Everyone overlooks it because they can shoot straight and can cook a decent meal. You can’t trust them... any of them. They’ll steal your chrono if you shake hands with them, and as likely to pick your pocket as praise the Emperor’s name..."

— Anonymous Imperial Guardsman

The regiment's history dates backs to shortly after the Massacre at Big Toof River. In 987.M41 the Praetorian Army of the Imperium expanded to meet the commitments of the war with the Orc invasions in the Montar VII, Montar System, Segmentum Tempestus. As part of that expansion it raised two new Abhuman regiments of foot, the 83rd and the 86th. In 987.M41, under the Childers Reforms, the 83rd and 86th were amalgamated into a single regiment, named the Praetorian Ulster Rifles, one of eight infantry regiments raised and garrisoned on Preatoria. It was the county regiment of New Antrim, under the War Office in Segmentum Tempestus Naval Base at Bakka.


Colours of the Praetorian Ulster Rifles
The Imperial world known as Ornsworld, also referred to as Orn's World, is the primary Ratling homworld located in the Segmentum Obscurus. Ratlings are the smallest type of Abhuman known to the Imperium, their ancestors having become stunted by thousands of years of inbreeding on worlds with climates and environments even more conducive to human life than ancient Terra and abundant harvests. Ratlings are short and squat, although not strong when compared to normal, baseline humans. They are idle, hedonistic, gregarious, over-friendly and sexually promiscuous. Their lives are spent eating until sick, drinking copious amounts of intoxicating beverages, and procreating uncontrollably, almost like Abhuman rabbits. These small, loud, hungry and lecherous creatures are called Runtlings, Stunties, Halflings and Ratlings by other humans, among other, less printable things.

Imperial Service

Ratlings serve in the Imperial Guard as snipers and scouts, and off the battlefield as cooks, a skill they no doubt learned in order to feed their own ample stomachs. Ratlings also tend towards kleptomania, as Commissars report petty theft and illegal gambling rings increase substantially when Ratlings are attached to an Imperial Guard platoon or regiment. Ratlings have also been known to supply non-standard weaponry to Guardsmen willing to pay a premium.

Roles of the Ratlings


The majority of humanity knows little to nothing of Ratling culture, the common citizen often raised with an unshakable belief in the purity of the sacred human form and having never ventured off of their birth world. This tends to hold true within the Imperial Guard as well, and those Guardsmen who are familiar with these diminutive humanoids generally only concern themselves with popular rumours and derisive legend. Yet to some Ratlings, the ties of culture, history, and shared ancestry with their human allies are indispensable. Occasionally, a Ratling with a particular mind for leadership and a protective eye towards his fellow Ratlings will take it upon himself to act as a mouthpiece for his squad when interacting with their comrades in the Imperial Guard. Of course, such Ratlings are still Ratlings and their usual method of protection and advocacy is rather unfamiliar to most of their non-abhuman comrades. Using a combination of charm, guile, and sheer false-bravado, this sort of Ratling makes certain that the well-being of those he considers his charges is ensured, regulations and chain of command be damned. While this can mean a great deal of trouble for a supply officer unfortunate enough to stand between a Fixer and the materiel he intends to provide for his men, such actions earn the Ratling the undying devotion of his comrades. In time, as a squad of Ratlings becomes ever-more integrated within the regiment to which they are attached, the Fixer may broaden his notion of who falls under his protection, even going so far as to take human guardsmen under his personal purview. By this time, such a Ratling will likely earn himself a great deal of influence within the regiment.
In order to fulfil these self-appointed duties, the Ratling must possess exemplary abilities when it comes to social situations, often employing a profound understanding of social tactics and diplomacy, as well as a perceptive mind and a keen intuition. Many possess a shrewd eye resulting from countless interactions and negotiations with other units, and such individuals are often behind the machinations of a Ratling unit's various smuggling and/or illicit gambling activities. Outwardly gregarious and jovial, they often play things close to the vest -- or under it -- and rarely make their true feelings known even to their closest companions. It's not that they don't trust the other members of their unit, instead they believe such honesty is bad for business. The less their companions know, the less they may have to deny later. Many are also exceptional judges of character, their numerous experiences of bending the truth giving them exceptional insight when it comes to reading people or spotting deception. The shrewd and calculating mind of this sort of Ratling is often well suited for battlefield command, where quick decisions and snap judgments can mean the difference between life and death. Further, their knowledge of their mates and easy familiarity with their habits and abilities often allows him to choose the right comrade for any job and to know when to push his men and when to exercise caution. His self-appointed role as protector also serves his squad well in battle, ensuring that a Fixer will never needlessly put any member of his unit into harms way if he can help it. These Ratlings even take it upon themselves to personally brave enemy fire in order to rescue comrades from certain death at the hands of their foes, and many a foe has felt the bite of a Fixer's blade while attempting to kill one of his companions.

During an engagement these Ratlings often seem to be everywhere at once, lending encouragement and support to those who need it and braving enemy fire to embolden his men in the face of the enemy. Many are gifted tacticians, deploying both guile and cunning against their foes in the form of timely feints and flourishes disguised and executed with an ease that often belies their complexity. Others may be highly skilled combatants in their own right, having survived countless battles alongside their comrades. These soldiers put their skills to good use ensuring the safety of those around them while making the enemy pay a heavy toll in blood for every attempted advance. Yet some such Ratlings are not nearly so dramatic in their role and are often indistinguishable from their comrades except for the profoundly weary look in their eyes and the kindly words on their lips. These Ratlings serve as a type of moral compass for their units, and often look after their comrades with an almost paternalistic air. With wise words, witty anecdotes, and the ability to remember every name, detail, and exploit of their past and current squad mates, such individuals garner great respect from their comrades and are considered the heart and soul of their unit.


he numerous Ratlings that fight within the inexhaustible legions of the Imperial Guard are recruited first and foremost for their capabilities as marksmen, each able to their routinely hit their targets with natural ease. Due to these abilities, such units are frequently deployed alongside the regiments of the Spinward Front; and many superior officers choose to tolerate their overly gregarious ways and seeming disregard for protocol in exchange for such valuable skills. Yet whether or not they are willing to admit it, every soldier who serves beside these diminutive abhumans is grateful for the sharp retorts of their long rifles echoing across the battlefield. However, even among squads widely renowned for their exceptional accuracy, there are certain prominent individuals who demonstrate such a high degree of precision and skill that they easily surpass the other members of their unit. The accomplishments of these incredible marksmen are truly a marvel as they consistently make seemingly impossible shots despite every obstacle and battlefield condition imaginable. As a result of these prodigious skills, as well as the knack these Ratlings display for hitting their target no matter the odds, many soldiers often jokingly nickname such individuals "Longshooters."
No matter the size of their target, no matter the distance or degree of difficulty, these Ratlings rarely miss their mark. In fact, the improbably high degree to which they succeed at even the most difficult of shots often leads their comrades to view such accomplishments as supernatural in nature or as indisputable evidence of the Emperor's divine intervention. For others, these tales of astonishing marksmanship often serve as inspirational anecdotes and rousing legends as they circulate around campfires and billets. Longshooters are often acutely aware of the effect of their actions on the morale of the common soldier. Some make it a habit to describe particularly difficult shots or feats on the eve of battle, openly vowing to hit their mark by the conclusion of the engagement. Such individuals often succeed in their boasts, delaying their shot until the target is plainly visible in order that their comrades may fully witness the fulfilment of their oath. Others scan the battlefield for challenging shots and particularly troublesome adversaries during combat, openly aiding their allies by eliminating dangerous foes in suitably dramatic fashion.

Longshooters are a highly superstitious lot, rigidly adhering to set patterns of action or carrying charms and other lucky items to aid them in their missions. Others instead believe their abilities are a gift from the Emperor or the work of their gun's Machine Spirit, dutifully reciting the litanies of accuracy or devotion prescribed by their particular beliefs. To many, however, their abilities are the result of a combination of skill, preparation, and training; a belief that causes them to obsessively calibrate and recalibrate their weapon throughout countless hours of practice. Regardless, most Longshooters are extremely proud of their abilities, rarely backing down from a challenge and doggedly pursuing their quarry until either victory or death. The Sniper Rifles of these marksmen are reflections of their owners, and many bear surprising examples of artwork and customisation including trophies from particularly noteworthy targets, kill-markings, intricately inscribed litanies or filigree, and other mementos of a lifetime of warfare. The most common customisations by far pertain to the stock, trigger assembly, and optics of the weapon. Such alterations may range from custom-carved stocks, to salvaged or refurbished parts from former weapons or rare or variant models, to handcrafted innovations that fly in the face of standard regulations. Such parts are usually pilfered from Munitorum depots or won from other soldier's kits, particularly those of uniquely or well-equipped regiments who often sport one-of-a-kind gear.

Though generally outgoing and good-humoured, some Longshooters tend to be more reserved than their fellow abhumans, quietly observing with the patience of a true marksman as they take note of their surroundings and wait for the right moment to speak. Most are rarely hasty in words and often speak only when necessary, preferring to let their more talkative brethren speak for them when possible. Though they may choose to mix freely with their fellows, more often than not a Longshooter will remain slightly apart from his colleagues, their solitary contemplations often the direct result of numerous missions far removed from the company of camp. Of course, when not interacting with other members of their regiment or filling their stomachs, most can be found devotedly altering and maintaining their prized weapons in preparation for the next mission.


All Ratlings have a natural talent for stealth and infiltration, using their diminutive stature to their advantage in order to make their way undetected past enemy lines and sentries. These skills serve them well in their roles as snipers and sharpshooters, allowing them to select the optimum firing positions from which to complete their mission or eliminate their target. Yet there are times when achieving the optimum firing position or engaging the enemy is a rather complicated affair, requiring days of trekking through unknown wilderness, deadly terrain, or the numerous hazards of no man's land. In such situations many units rely on the abilities of Trailblazers, highly skilled individuals who are particularly adept at path finding and scouting. They excel at navigating through even the most difficult and dangerous environments, calling upon their formidable abilities acquired through past experience, extensive training, or pure natural ability. Such specialists are also renowned for their stealth and remarkably keen sense of direction, allowing them to expose hidden paths and uncover trails leading directly into the heart of the enemy's defences.
When the call comes for a unit to move out into the brush or advance upon the enemy, the trailblazer is the Ratling relied upon to get them there. They are completely at home in the wilderness, effortlessly ghosting between trees and rocks and easily slipping undetected through whatever obstacles they may come across. Many are even able to vanish from the eyes of their own comrades, doubling back to relay information or chastise a careless guardsman in his lax adherence to stealth protocols. While their physical stature is certainly a boon to their skills, enabling them to hide in crevices and foliage normally considered too small to conceal a soldier, many must also rely on their equipment and extensive combat experience to remain undetected. Each is highly trained and proficient with many of the tools of covert warfare, readily employing Camouflage-cloaks, vox-links, combat webbing, noise suppressors, and anything else that may lend them a silent edge in combat.

Yet wars cannot be fought by stealth alone, and all Trailblazers eventually find themselves trading shots with their opponents. In such situations the Trailblazer's stealth provides yet another advantage as he continuously evades and outmanoeuvres his bewildered opponents, often engaging them from multiple angles in order to keep his enemies off balance and retain his advantage. Some prefer instead to employ various traps and snares to catch their foes off guard, waiting until the enemy formation is in disarray before striking. Many even direct their squad mates and companions in flanking manoeuvres and feints, tricking their adversaries into chasing phantoms and decoys only to walk into ambushes and deadly crossfires.

In camp, these diminutive specialists are often able to pass unseen between tents, around billets, and between supply crates, evading lookouts and disciplinary crackdowns with ease. Their skill at remaining unseen and avoiding detection often serves them well in the many illicit dealings and smuggling rings most Ratlings become engaged in, and many reap substantial rewards and tidy profits from such illegal activities. Those prizes that they do not sell are often utilised in the field, allowing the Trailblazer to pass his time outside of camp in relative comfort or to more easily dispatch his foes. However, such tendencies often make them frequent targets of surprise kit inspections by disciplinary officers, pat downs by security patrols, or interrogation whenever valuable and difficult to replace items of kit mysteriously disappear. Such constant scrutiny often serves to sharpen a Trailblazer's skills, honing their talents and teaching them to always remain on guard.