Sunday, July 31, 2016

Insurrection on Yaisdra

Yaisdra and its small moon.

Found in a star cluster in a distant spiral arm; Yaisdra is a relatively young Imperial world. Its only inhabited continent has become a deep space refuge at the edge of the Solar Segmentum for mankind.
The newest recruiting planet for the 17th Brimlock Dragoons, its vast deserts created an ideally culture to train a core of Armoured forces, while the northern mountains and southern coastal regions allow for a well balanced training in all forms of combat.
Before the Imperial colonization of Yaisdra the Ta'u of Voir'la conducted regular trade with the planets locals. A growing bond between the indiginious humans and the Ta'u led to small disruptions in the Imperial government on Yaisdra. Soon the Brimlock Dragoons had rounded up the rebel forces and begun an aggressive martial law in Yaidra.
Now a small band of Gue'vesa or "Human Helpers" in Ta'u have escaped Imperial authority and pleaded with the Ethereal Caste of Vior'la for aid....

Tactical Yaisdra Campaign Map