Tuesday, August 9, 2016

The Dascus Archipelago Incident

When the first signs of a possible Ta'u attack on the Dascus islands were known, the Dragoons were ordered to send out reconnaissance aircraft to locate the Ta'u forces that were heading toward New Dascus Harbor to attack it with bombers. Once the Ta'u aircraft were removed, Dragoonl Task Force 8 would engage the enemy forces and destroy it. 

On the afternoon of 736.M41, a Dragoon recce Valkerie patrol spotted the approaching Ta'u force, reporting its location as 800 miles southwest of New Dascus Harbor. The Dragoons 17th air forces were placed on full alert. Dragoon 6-7 the recce aircraft succefully shot down the leading Ta'u Sunshark Bomber while investigation a Ta'u long range sensor.

Shortly thereafter bad weather set in, and no further sightings of the fleet were made that day.

(Stormcloud ruleset)
Imperial Win

Dragoon 6-7 approaches Ta'u Sensor for recce.

Two swift shots from lascanons cause catastrophic damage bringing down the Sunshark Bomber.

The surviving drones and pilot attempt to protect the sensor for the Greater Good.

Two guardsmen are KIA and the Ta'u Pilot Kor'el Vassos is captured.