Sunday, September 18, 2016

Operation Scramble

Early morning on Tulagik Minor airbase.

Early morning on Tulagik Minor.

Brimlock Dragoon Valkeries stand at the ready as T'au forces reportedly land on Tulagik Major.

Dragoon Veteran squads man the perimeter.

Captain Payne begins issuing orders to his men.

Xenos air support and drones being led by Vior'la Pathfinders arrive.

Pathfinder teams insert with Drone and aircraft support.

Nightfighters from the night before make low level passes to aid troops below.

Dragoon forces are able to roll "6s" first turn; getting two aircraft into the air!

Pulse bombs rain down, vaporizing Dragoon Veterans; before the pulse generator ends up jamming.

The final view of the Pathfinders.

Combined air power from 3 Valkeries take control of the skies over Tulagik Minor airbase.

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