Thursday, September 22, 2016

War Zone Yaisdra: Tulagik Islands Terrain

The jungle covering much of the Tulagik Island chain is a truly deadly enviorment. Most of the plants are toxic, and just brushing against them can be fatal. Other plants spew forth spores that can suffocate a man in a heartbeat if they are inhaled. Even worse are the swarms of insects flitting between the trees. Most of them have deadly stings and bites: however the most horrifc are those that lay their eggs in the living, which hatch into larva and consume their host from within.

Tulagik Jungles are mysterious terrain. Roll a 2D6 on the following table to determine what rules apply to it.

Just Plain Dangerous!
2-4 Just Plain Dangerous: The jungle is dangerous terrain. Catachan Jungle Fighters treat it as difficult terrain.

Carnivorious Jungles.
5-6 Carnivorious Jungles: See the Mysterious Forest terrain table in the Warhammer 40,000 rulebook

Tulagikian Pit-Trap Glade.
7-8 Tulagikian Pit-Trap Glade: Any Infantry model within the glade at the start of their Shooting phase must pass a Strength test. If the test is failed, the victim is destroyed with the no saving throws of any kind allowed.

9-10 Deathglades: One randomly determined model in the unit that triggered the mysterious terrain roll is destroyed, with no saving throws of any kind allowed, and all other models treat the terrain feature as lethal terrain.

Tulagik Kroktars.
11-12 Tulagik Kroktars: Any model moving in open ground within 1" of the edge of a lake, river or ocean shoreline must take a Dangerous Terrain test.