Thursday, August 10, 2017

The Battle for Nethamus

The breadbasket of Konor, Nethamus’ vast crop oceans and synth-silo complexes feed countless trillions of loyal souls across the system.

Having brought the horror of total war to both the Konor System’s manufacturing capital and its central source of recruits, the Chaos invasion fleet next seeks to deny the Imperial defenders sustenance. By corrupting the breadbasket of Nethamus – a massive, temperate agri world whose enormous crop oceans stretch for thousands upon thousands of miles – the forces of Chaos will starve their prey. Without Nethamus’ vital food supplies, the enormous military engine of the Astra Militarum will grind to a halt. Even more deviously, the Death Guard and their allies can begin the process of distributing tainted produce throughout Ultramar. Once consumed, this plague-ridden foodstuff creates an unending hunger that would tempt millions of mortal souls toward embracing the bountiful gifts of Nurgle.

Yet the Imperium, by now all too aware of the doom approaching Nethamus, has prepared a doomsday response. Soldiers and agri-workers have loaded crop reserves upon vast factory-crawlers, as well as synthesizer silos capable of producing enough food to sustain the ongoing defence of the Konor System. Orbiting Imperial battleships rain magmatic bombs across the planet, incinerating vast swathes of land. As the first Death Guard troops make planetfall, they unleash their virulent contagions into the atmosphere. The spreading blight is met all on sides by colossal walls of swirling flame, or vast stretches of barren wasteland, where clouds of ash mix with daemonic spores to create a putrid toxic rain.

The corruption of Nethamus has been stalled, but if the Imperial defenders cannot hold the attackers at bay, it will be for naught. The Chaos forces’ armoured formations have launched assault after assault upon the mobile factory-crawlers. Thus far, the bravery of the Astra Militarum and Adeptus Astartes tank crews has held them at bay, but many isolated crawlers have been surrounded and blasted apart, or boarded by vengeful Chaos warriors, the agri-workers inside butchered and their precious cargo despoiled. Should the Imperial forces continue to lose their factory-crawlers at such a rate, famine will spread across Konor and the surrounding region in a matter of weeks.