Thursday, August 3, 2017

News from the Front............

The forge world of Konor is a vital cog in the war machine of Ultramar, its sprawling manufactorum districts pumping out a ceaseless stream of weapons, ammunition and battle tanks.

Konor is the manufacturing and fuel-producing capital of its eponymous system, and thus this forge world is a vital target for both Imperial and Chaos forces. The Death Guard and their allies have assembled a vast invasion force for the conquest of the planet, including detachments of xenos mercenaries and millions-strong hordes of fanatical cultists.

Manpower will be vital in the attritional conflict to come. The Chaos assault on Konor opened several days ago with an apocalyptic orbital bombardment, plague-ridden space hulks and Despoiler-class warships ravaging the holdings and armies of the Adeptus Mechanicus with waves of inferno missiles and toxin cascades, churning the planet’s atmosphere into a hellish cocktail of flesh-melting viruses and choking smoke. Almost half of Konor’s industrial capability has already been utterly demolished, and the invaders are landing an increasing tide of troops planetside. The prodigious level of destruction has been judged appropriate by the Heretic Astartes commanders responsible for prosecuting the slaughter, for even with so many manufactorum districts shattered, Konor is still capable of pumping out colossal quantities of battle tanks and munitions. With the billions of slaves claimed by the invasion fleet put to work in the manufactorums, the forge world would produce even more still should it fall under Chaos control.

The Imperium of Mankind’s war effort in the Konor System, and indeed the wider conflict raging across Ultramar, will be severely derailed if Konor is lost to Chaos. Thus, Imperial high command has authorised the dispatching of several armies to relieve the besieged defenders. Archmagos Gother Zymus and his Skitarii legions yet retain control of Forge Temple Cladis and its surrounding domain, and are aided in their stubborn defence by Imperial Knights of House Raven. Yet outside their rapidly receding kill-quadrants and excoriation zones, the enemy presses ever closer, with heavily armoured assault troops and Daemon Engines grinding their way through the shattered innards of manufactorums and hab-arcologies. In this hellish no man’s land, squads of dead-eyed killers stalk the choking sprawl for fresh prey, looking to secure key objectives such as vox relays, promethium refineries and precious intact generatorums.