Saturday, August 20, 2016

Operation Order: Scramble

To ensure domination of the skies, an attacker must strike first and attack the enemy's airfields before he has the chance to launch his own aircraft. By controlling the heavens, an attacker can cut off the enemy from resupply and reinforcements, whilst launching his own aerial strikes against ground-based forces.

Bomber Wing at Tulagik Minor
During the landings at Tulagik Islands, the airfield of Tulagik Minor gained increased strategic importance by becoming the main transit base for Imperial Forces to supply logistic support to the 17th Brimlock Dragoons. Furthermore, Imperial aircraft based on Tulagik Minor operated photo-reconnaissance, bombing and convoy attack missions covering the south-eastern region. Aiming to disrupt these operations, T'au Cadres sent Pathfinders to sabotage the airfield of Tulagik Minor.

The Armies:

Imperial Forces 750pts
T'au Empire 750pts

Launch Pads - Before either side sets up fortifications, the Defender must designate three points anywhere in their deployment zone to act as their launch pads. The Defender then places one flyer chosen from their codex on each of the launch pads, to represent their grounded craft - THESE DO NOT COUNT TOWARDS THEIR ARMY'S POINTS TOTAL.


D3 Primary Objectives


The Defender deploys first and the Attacker deploys second using the rules and deployment map. The Attackers flyers do no have to be placed in reserve and may be deployed in his deployment zone.

First Turn:

The Attacker has the first turn.

Victory Conditions:

Standard Victory Points

Primary Objective:

At the end of the game, each player receives 1 Victory Point for each enemy unit that has been completely destroyed. The Attacker receives D3 additional Victory Points for each of the grounded aircraft he destroys, whether they have launched or not. The Defender receives D3+1 Victory Points for each of the grounded aircraft that were launched and not Immobilized or destroyed at the end of the game.

Secondary Objective:

Slay the Warlord, First Blood, Linebreaker.

Mission Special Rules:


Press the Attack: Any of the Attacker's flyers that are destroyed are placed in Ongoing Reserve and return to play with full Hull Points and full compliment of any missiles or other One Use Only items they started play with. Note that Victory Points are scored each time a unit is destroyed; if a flyer is destroyed, returned to play and destroyed again then the Defender receives 2 Victory Points.

Scramble!: At the start of the game, the grounded aircraft on the launch pads are still being refueled and rearmed. They count as Immobilized vehicles that do not have the Flyer type and cannot shoot.

At the start of each of his Movement phases, the Defender must roll a D6 and add the turn number for each grounded aircraft. An aircraft launches if its total is 6 or more; it is no longer considered grounded and immediately gains the Flyer type.

As soon as an aircraft launches, it becomes fully operational and may move and shoot normally. Any damage inflicted earlier in the game still applies, however, so a grounded aircraft might have a weapon destroyed or have lost Hull Points before it launches. If a Flyer suffers an Immobilized result before launching, it is wrecked.