Thursday, August 18, 2016

Sub-Commander El'Myamoto

Sub-Commander El'Myamoto, more commonly known as Darkstrider is a renowned Tau Pathfinder. Although regarded as a cunning tactician, his unconventional methods and disregard for protocol have caused much trouble and made him many enemies among the Tau Empire.
Myamoto began his career as a Shas'ui born on T'au, passing his Trials by Fire but scorning the honor of donning a Battlesuit. He was next offered an opportunity to join Stealth Teams. However he too rejected this offer. Instead, he preferred to return to the Pathfinder teams with which he had first served. In this capacity, he became infamous for leading his Pathfinders into near-suicidal situations but still escaping with glory. On Dal'yth, he shut down strange Necron mechanisms while on Nep'tan he hunted down a strange tri-headed beast that terrorized local mining colonies. During the Great Wars of Confederation, the grim leader earned the nickname Darkstrider after infiltrating Ork camps and using Markerlights to pick out Gargant components under construction. He has recently returned from battles against Imperial Space Marines in the Zeist Campaign.
Myamoto regularly walks the fine line between insubordination and initiative, regularly spurning Tau Commanders. However Commander Shadowsun values the sly tactics and bravery of Darkstrider and states that she values working with him.

Now with Shadowsun leading T'au forces elsewhere she has Sent Vior'la High Command Sub-Commander El'Myamoto to command and advise Vior'la limited forces in the Yaisdra IX Expeditionary Force. Darkstrider knew the limited forces that had been committed to the Expeditonary Force would present a challenge. When he made planetfall under the cover of darkness, Darkstriders Taskforce consisted of a poorly equipped group of Advanced Insertion and Optimised Stealth Cadre along with Air Protection Squadrons consisting of Barracuda Air Superiorty Fighters, Tigershark Heavy Fighters, Razorshark Strike Fighters, Sunshark Bombers and an extremely limited number of the new Barracuda Ax-5-2 Multi Role Strike Fighter.

Darkstriders plan was simple, he would facilitate harrasing ground attacks on Imperial Forces while being supported by his Assigned Air Caste elements.  Gue'vesa would also play a critical role in the insurrection of Yaisdra IX. The Gue'vesa (which literally means "Human Helper" in the Tau Lexicon) is the name the Tau have given to those humans who have willingly joined the Tau Empire. Many Gue'vesa now fight alongside the Tau Fire Caste on behalf of the Greater Good. They even take up arms when required against their fellow humans of the Imperium of Man. Needless to say, Gue'vesa are considered the worst kind of traitors to the Emperor of Mankind and are believed by the Ecclesiarchy to have been spiritually corrupted for willingly associating themselves with a xenos culture. The term Gue'vesa'la is given to the standard human troops of the line; their non-commissioned officers, equivalent to sergeants in the Imperial Guard, are known as Gue'vesa'ui. Darkstrider had one more trick up his sleeve; Jeakim Slovaz.