Saturday, August 20, 2016

Operation Deadly Bridgehead

Efforts of the early wave of Vior'la pathfinder teams to mark the drop zones were partially ineffective. The first cadre, assigned to DZ A, missed its zone and set up a mile away from the intended DZ. The team was unable to get either its amber halophane lights or its beacon working until the drop was well in progress. Although the second pathfinder cadre had an Orca ditch in the sea en route, the remainder dropped two teams near DZ C, but most of their marker lights were lost in the ditched Orca transport. They managed to set up a beacon just before the assault force arrived but were forced to use a hand held signal light which was not seen by some pilots. The planes assigned to DZ D along the Tulagik Major forest failed to see their final turning point and flew well past the zone. Returning from an unfamiliar direction, they dropped 10 minutes late and 1.6 km off target. Consequently so many Brimlock Dragoons were nearby that the pathfinders could not set out their lights and were forced to rely solely on beacons, which proved was a poor guide at short range.

A mounted Dragoon patrol spots T'au inserting.

Vior'la Advanced Insertion Cadre make contact with Imperial Forces.

The opening salvo from T'au fusion blasters vaporize an advancing Chimera.

Lone Objective.